About Carole Smith

 True beauty comes from within.  If your mind is at peace and your energy is balanced, you will have a radiant glow that no skincare product or makeup can achieve. 

Having been in the business of beauty for more than 20 years and seeing how skincare companies think nothing of loading their products with harmful chemicals that build up in our systems over time,  my focus has turned to natural organic products and the body's own abilities to heal and beautify through energy work like massage and relaxation techniques

To do this, Beauticove's main goal is to offer treatments that calm the mind and relax the body for when the mind is at peace, the body will heal.

Our facial treatments are simplified, using only organic natural skincare and handwork. You will be treated to luscious creams and serums that are not tainted with chemicals. Imagine the scent of roses and fresh herbs on your skin.
In keeping with all that is natural, I hope to treat your skin using only the purest of ingredients and still provide excellent results

Our bodywork will focus on energy healing and calming techniques like massage and crystal healing while detoxification massage with essential oil blends will keep you in shape naturally

With our frantic lifestyles taking centre stage, many of us are at a loss as to what to do when we get stressed out. While there are many self relaxation techniques, there will be days when we need help to de-stress. We should always heed our body's call to slow down and heal

With this in mind, choose from one or more of the unique treatments I have created that target deep relaxation. detoxification, energy cleansing and even balancing with the help of  healing crystals

your body is a vessel that carries the very essence of your soul. Treat it kindly and gently

With love

Carole Smith